Gluten-Free in San Fran + Travel Tips

Hi Everyone!

Earlier this summer I took a trip to San Francisco for the first time. There were so many aspects of the city that I enjoyed, but one of the best parts was the food. Being intolerant to gluten and dairy while traveling is not always the easiest task. With a little bit of research, I found a few of the best places to eat gluten and dairy free without sacrificing any flavor.


*Please note: These restaurants are not certified gluten free facilities. If you have a severe gluten allergy, are celiac, or cannot have food come in contact with gluten, I suggest contacting these locations beforehand.

The first stop on our restaurant exploration was Plow Restaurant. My boyfriend, Mark, and I split “The Plow” breakfast which consisted of eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, plow potatoes (amazing!) and bacon. It was huge! Aside from the pancakes, I was able to eat all of the food. I also let them know about my dairy allergy and they made sure that the potatoes were cooked in oil and that there was no milk added to the eggs. If you are allergic to dairy and you are ordering eggs, always make sure to ask if they add milk to their eggs. So many restaurants do this and I was unaware of it until I started asking. Usually it isn’t a big deal for them to make the eggs without the milk, you just need to ask. Plow had amazing service and they were so nice about making these modifications for me.

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The next morning we had breakfast at Jane before exploring the city. Jane was one of the restaurants I had seen all over Instagram and had been dying to try. I ordered their avocado mash on gluten-free bread and Mark had the egg sandwich with avocado. Both were delicious and kept us full for several hours while we toured the city. Aside from the delicious food at Jane, I was in love with the amazing decor and style of the restaurant. It was absolutely packed in there and I wish I had taken more pictures, but you’ll just have to visit Jane to see for yourself!

IMG_4514 (1)

Later that day, after hours of exploring the city and getting an extreme sunburn, we stopped at another place on my list: Pressed Juicery. I have been wanting to try a Pressed Freeze for months but there isn’t a location in Oregon. For those that haven’t heard of Pressed Freeze, it is a frozen dessert (kind of like frozen yogurt) but it is all natural, made from fruits, nuts and vegetables. Needless to say, I was absolutely in heaven.


Mark and I had an amazing time in San Francisco and these were just a few of the places that we ate at. I found that almost all of the places we went to had a gluten/dairy free option or had a meal that I could alter to make “Kelsey friendly”, as my family says. Aside from the delicious meals in the city, I did find the traveling portion of the trip difficult for me. For example, not every airport has healthy, allergy-friendly options.

Here are a few of my healthy travel tips:

  1. Be prepared and avoid buying airport food. This is something I wish I had done a better job of. Prior to going on my trip, I went to the store and bought snacks to pack with me. My only problem…I didn’t buy enough! By the time the last day of my trip came around, I was completely out of snacks and was stuck buying (extremely) overly-priced airport food. Some snacks I would recommend stocking up on:
  2. Bring your own water bottle. I drink almost a gallon of water a day and having to buy bottled water all the time became quite expensive (and bad for the environment). Opt for bringing your own water bottle. I am in love with my hydroflask.
  3. Pack a protein bar in your purse or clutch for uber rides. Sometimes it is hard to know how long it will truly take to get places in a large city. I brought protein bars in my purse for Uber rides and found it so helpful when I needed a little something to hold me over until dinner.
  4. Bring digestive enzymes & probiotics. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes have changed my life and my gut health. Rainbow Light brand is my favorite and I take their products everywhere with me. I just keep them in a plastic bag in my purse so that I always have them.
  5. Be easy on yourself. Traveling and having food allergies is not always easy. So do not be hard on yourself. Be prepared and do the best that you can with the circumstances given. As I have found, being as prepared as possible makes the unexpected of traveling a little less difficult.

Save travels!

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